So, What do we mean by a "Classroom Habitude?"

A habitude is the combination of habits and attitudes.

Why do we need to teach Classroom Habitudes?

As a classroom teacher, I spend many years checking off lists the skills my students needed to be successful., Yet, I wonder, is the checklist we operate from,
our scope and sequence of traditional; skills and lessons, enough for our students to invent, create, collaborate, and solve their own problems?
And we need to start teaching them in the classroom…now!

I know – not another checklist! We already have too many of those to work from. As a teacher I understand. In a world with mounting pressures to "get things done",
checklists have become our salvation. I too love them! There is an exhilarating feeling that occurs after each mark is successfully checked off. The harder the task, the
harder the checkmark, right?

So, let’s uncheck this list and explore together the behaviors, habits and attitudes that will know with conviction will ensure our students for success both inside
and outside our classroom walls.

Please feel free to browse the following links for not only a glimpse of each Classroom Habitude, but a plethora of resources (blog posts, videos, keynotes, etc...) amassed over years of passionate research and dedication to 21st Century Learning.




Self Awareness